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About Us 

Meet Imad Ghreiwati, the founder and CEO at Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts. A dreamer, a leader, and most importantly, a thalassophile. For Imad Ghreiwati, he loved everything about the sea and everything it offered. According to him, there was no better feeling than witnessing the majestic ocean while the wind gushed through his hair. Wanting everyone to experience that wonderful feeling, he began Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts in 2005.  

With Imad Ghreiwati at the helm, he created a trustworthy team. A group of people with excellent caliber, knowledge, dedication, and mainly a passion for the sea. Together, their goal at Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts was to offer an extraordinary and unbelievable yachting experience. And then, they set sail.  

Since 2005, Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts has grown immensely. We expanded in boats, services, and teams. We witnessed anniversaries, parties, and buffets. We created beautiful memories and made friends for a lifetime. And we did everything with the best scenery anyone could ask for; crystalline water that reflected the beautiful orange skies.  

At Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts, it is all about creating unforgettable memories at sea. Whether next week or the next five years, we will always strive to make it the best day ever; for you and us.  


  • Yachts for Rent 

What is better than enjoying the Dubai skyline? Enjoying the Dubai skyline from your private yacht. Indulge in absolute luxury with Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts. Choose from our wide range of boat selections and witness the city from a view like no other. You will be accompanied by our trained crew, who will take care of everything from food and entertainment till you leave the yacht. Contact us today, and let’s set sail on a magical experience!  

  • Yachts for Sale 

Welcome to the Yacht family; we are excited to have you here. Without a doubt, owning a yacht is a great way to make memories and also a fantastic investment. Whether used or new, at Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts, we have it all. As experts in the field, all our yachts are kept in perfect condition. The boats are regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure the highest quality. From business meets to a private gatherings, add more life to your events with our yachts. Contact us today, and let’s become partners!  

  • Water Sports

At Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts, we always look to provide unforgettable memories for our customers. And what better way than offering a spectrum of fun water sports activities? Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a simple sea-lover, we have activities that suit your passion.

Our range of activities are; 

-1. Donut Ride 

-2. Flyboard 

-3. Seabreacher 

-4. Parasailing 

-5. Jet-ski

-6. Speed Boating 

-7. Wake Boarding 

-8. Deep Sea Fishing 

-9. Water skiing 

-10. Knee Boarding  

  • Events & Parties 

Elevate and redefine your events with Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts. Whether it is a corporate event or an intimate get-together, we have a yacht that is perfect for you. Our dedicated crew will assist you through every step to ensure the entire event runs beautifully. Moreover, we also provide custom decorations and catering. Live the moment, and let us take care of the rest!  

  • Catering 

There is no question that good food is the secret to all great parties. And fortunately, we have a team of skilled chefs at your service. Enjoy ultimate luxury while you indulge in exquisite foods. Take your event to a whole new level with Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts.  


  1. How do I book a yacht in Dubai? Call us or submit a call request through our website, and our team will get in touch with you shortly.  
  2. What modes of payment do you accept? We accept online transactions through visa, master credit or debit card, bank transfer, or cash deposit at the nearest RAK bank.  
  3. How early should I book the yacht? We recommend booking as early as possible as all our boats are subject to availability. However, we take last-minute requests and strive to accommodate our clients to the best of our abilities.  
  4. How much is the security deposit? To secure your rental yachts, you must pay 50% of the yacht’s down payment.  
  5. What documents should I carry? All passengers must bring a valid passport or Emirates ID for their trip.  
  6. How early should I reach? We recommend reaching at least 15 minutes early. On special cases or setups, we recommend you arrive early.  
  7. Are pets allowed inside the yacht? Unfortunately, we do not let pets inside our yachts.  
  8. What are safety measures undertaken inside the yacht? At Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts, safety is our top priority. Therefore, every member of the crew is well-trained in safety protocols. We also have life jackets, life rafts, firefighting equipment, and emergency First Aid Kits at our disposal. Moreover, all the yachts are insured along with their passengers.  
  9. Does the chef take special requests? Of course. Indulge in the absolute yacht experience while enjoying your favorite dish.  
  10. What happens if the weather is unfavorable? In such circumstances, we will reschedule at your convenience.


“Truly a wonderful experience. From the moment it left the harbor, it was thrillingly fast. The team is exceptional and the entire yacht was in great condition. Without a doubt, a fantastic value for money and I would highly recommend Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts to everyone!”

“We rented a yacht from Imad Ghreiwati Luxury Yachts for one of our family events. We went across Dubai Marina and it was amazing. The food was great and the team was wonderful. We can’t wait to do it all over again with them!”

“Truly one of the best yacht services in Dubai. The entire process from booking till the end was seamless. We thoroughly enjoyed the ride and food. And if you are wondering what’s the perfect time to book, we recommend 5:30pm. You get the beautiful sunset and also get to see the amazing skyline in the dark sky.”

“Our entire 90-minute trip was beyond amazing. The crew was so polite, professional, and enthusiast throughout. They event helped us take photos and explained all the iconic landmarks. Hands down, a wonderful experience.”